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Davis Amusement Cascadia offers several ways for familes to enjoy the Carnival experience. We offer:

            24 coupon book - $18.00*
            40 coupon book - $40.00*
            Individual tickets - $1.00*

And most locations offer a daily unlimited ride pass call or check location for prices and promotions.

*Prices are subject to change.
*Rides require 3 to 5 coupons per person.
*Military discounts available.





History - How it all began?

In 1947, Mannie and Melba Davis, along with Mannie's parents, Joe and Martha Davis, leased five rides from Eyerly ride manufacturer out of Salem, OR. In the early years, the four Davis's booked the equipment with other carnival operators at locations from California to Texas. They operated as far south as the Mexican boarder. After a few years of long seasons, the plan changed. By 1950, they were purchasing the five rides they had previously leased and they incorporated in their home state of Oregon. Then they purchased property for a winterquarters in Portland.

This was the start of Davis Amusement Company. Mannie and Melba expanded their route to encompass more of the Oregon festivals and fairs. At the end of their summer season, Mannie would work on the equipment and Melba would get winter work and do the booking for the show along with the help of Martha. Mannie and Melba had many independant attractions booked in with them over the years. In the 50,s, a cousin brought his elephant, Senita, on the road. Their oldest son, Michael was about 9 when he got the job of walking Senita through the midway as well as leading her while children rode atop the huge elephant. She would help herself to a candy apple right out of the floss wagon window as young Michael would walk her down the midway. There were other independantly owned attractions that were booked in with their show over the years. There was a wrestling side show, an aerial act, and a gorrilla show, along with Senita, just to name a few of the acts that traveled with Mannie and Melba.

Many of the fairs and festivals that Melba booked back in the 50's are still being played by the Davis Family. It is a testiment to the values that Melba and Mannie had regarding the industry when you realize that their show was invited back to a community for 50 years. Just to name a few dates that Melba and Mannie played for half a century, The Albany Timber Carnival, the Josephine County Fair in Grants Pass, the Rhododendron Festival in Florence, OR and the Newport Loyalty Days in Newport, OR.

Their two sons have continued in the industry. Michael Davis, along with his wife, Cathy, and their family, owns and operates Davis Amusement Cascadia. The carnival plays over 60 dates, including events in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, Nevada and Utah.

Davis Amusement Cascadia, Inc is now being operated by third and fourth generation Davis family, with the 5th generation coming on strong.


Member of the Outdoor Amusement Business Association (OABA), Oregon Fairs Association (OFA), Washington Fairs Association (WFA), Showmen's League of America, The Carnival Guilds, Northwestern Showment's Club, AIMS, NAARSO, the International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE), and multiple Chamber of Commerce.

President, CEO and Operations Director of DAVIS AMUSEMENT CASCADIA. Raised in the amusement industry. Also owns and operates Big Bear Concessions. Has served on committees for the Carnival Guilds. Is a current member and was 2002 president of the Northwestern Showmen's Club (NWSC). Is a member of the Outdoor Amusement Business Association (OABA), the Showmen's League of America and the Carnival Guild. Was a member of the Hawaiian Showmen's Club. Michael is a 3rd generation owner and operator in the amusement industry.

Past Co-owner and treasurer of DAVIS AMUSEMENT CASCADIA. Booking agent since 1977. Office and management since 1970. President of the Northwestern Showmen's Club (NWSC). Is a member of the Outdoor Amusement Business Association (OABA), S. L. A., the Showmen's League of America, the Carnival Guild, and was a member of the Hawaiian Showmen's Club.

General Manager, Director of Transportation and General Manager of the Platinum Division. Partner in DAVIS AMUSEMENT CASCADIA and owner of Superior West Amusements. Specializing in the field of marketing since 1990. NAARSO level 2 safety endorsement inspector certification, Supervisor of Personnel, employee training and equipment safety. He assists in location layouts and fleet management. He is a Member of Northwest Showmen's Club (NWSC), serving as 2005-2006 President of the Carnival Guild Association, and State of Washington licensed ride inspector, AIMS level maintenance and operations. Michael is a 4th generation owner and operator in the amusement industry.

Executive Office Manager for of the Platinum Division, Recording Secretary for the Northwestern Showmen's Club (NWSC) and coordinator of Event permits and licensing. Celeste and Michael J. have two school age children, Mikayla and Isaac.

Actively working in food and ride operations. Assists in various office related duties.

Manager and Location Promoter, serving the industry for 40 years. Randy went into the business as a kid and climbed the ladder to a management position. He served 31 years as a unit manager before joining the Davis Family. Randy and his wife Joanne raised two children in the business. Their daughter went on to become a lawyer, their son is a chemical engineer.

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On Site Employees

Everyone likes to see a clean, well groomed, and neat appearing person.

Uniforms will be provided and will be worn while employees are working. Appearance of the midway is important as well. There is a combined effort to keep the midway clean. Employees are responsible for keeping trash picked up around rides and concessions. Trash receptacles are placed around the midway. Last, but most importantly, we will provide a safe place for our customers' enjoyment. Employees are careful when they are operating machinery. We always operate rides and concessions in an alert and safe manner. We always prevent any unnecessary risks which might result in an accident by reporting any problems immediately.

DAVIS AMUSEMENT CASCADIA is proud to be a partner with the fair and the community in providing a well-staffed, highly maintained carnival. The fairgoers will feel right at home when they see familiar faces working at the carnival. Some fairs require added workers which could amount to upwards of 15% of our operating staff.

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It has been the goal of DAVIS AMUSEMENT CASCADIA to furnish the highest quality amusement attractions in the form of rides, games of skill and delicious food, to our patrons at reasonable prices.
We feel people are essential to our success and that our staff at DAVIS AMUSEMENT CASCADIA is second to none. We feel that communication and promptness in dealing with our committees is important. So, unlike most shows, we operate a fully staffed corporate office 52 weeks a year.

The carnival business is a people business, which makes it imperative that we do all we can to ensure that our patrons enjoy their visit to our show and that they are treated in a courteous manner. The thrills and excitement of a travelling carnival cannot be equated by books or television, but requires actual attendance and participation. Since the carnival unit must deal with people on an individual basis, it is very important that they be handled in a courteous and efficient manner. DAVIS AMUSEMENT CASCADIA, as a result of owning 40 rides, 14 food stands, and 40 games can tailor-make a show for each spot played. Each event requires just the right amount of rides, food and a variety of games combined with the correct traffic flow that will enable our patrons to seek their fun and excitement in an easy manner. The variety of equipment that we have to offer allows us to present different attractions to your event each year. We are constantly upgrading our show and adding the newest and most exciting rides from both domestic and foreign manufactures.

We are obligated to present our form of entertainment in a profitable manner that allows us and our partner, the sponsoring committee, to exist in a profit situation. Our philosophy has always been one desirous of long term mutually beneficial relationships. We feel that a contract should be equitable to both parties allowing the sponsoring committee to accomplish their goals and allowing the carnival a reasonable profit margin, so that quality can be maintained and new equipment added. The success of the carnival is dependent on satisfying our patrons. We feel our carnival has the equipment necessary to service events of any size. Our staff is among the most capable in outdoor show business and has the expertise to work with your committee in the productions of a high quality event.

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Customer Relations

DAVIS AMUSEMENT CASCADIA maintains at all of our engagements, a fully staffed office prominently located on the midway. We are "hands on" owners and operators and will be available from set up until tear down, to answer or address anything that might come up. The office is manned on constant basis according to the operating hours of the carnival. The office staff will answer any questions and handle all matters brought to their attention by the public in regard to the midway operation.

All questions or concerns by the office will be dealt with in prompt and courteous manner. If the main office staff is unable to deal with a particular situation, the matter will be referred to other appropriate carnival personnel. We firmly believe the customer is always right and deserves appropriate treatment as our guest. Our philosophy is that the carnival should afford its customers an efficient procedure to solve any concerns they may have, and that the system be sufficient so as to not further burden the fairboards and sponsoring committees with such matters.

Our customers are our business. Without them, we have no business. We work to serve and please them so they will have good memories of their time with us. They will associate you with our organization at all times, while you are working and off the job as well. In order to meet public expectations, and uphold our public image, we ask you to observe the following:

Treat customers in a helpful, courteous manner.
Help them to enjoy themselves on the midway.
Everyone deserves the same pleasant treatment.
Remember that you are a guest in each community the show visits.
Treat your customers as you would want to be treated.
We rely on your good judgement and sense of responsibility to conduct yourself at all times in a proper manner.

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