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Our History...

In 1947, Mannie and Melba Davis, along with Mannie's parents, Joe and Martha Davis, leased five rides from Eyerly ride manufacturer out of Salem, OR. In the early years, the four Davis's booked the equipment with other carnival operators at locations from California to Texas. They operated as far south as the Mexican boarder. After a few years of long seasons, the plan changed. By 1950, they were purchasing the five rides they had previously leased and they incorporated in their home state of Oregon. Then they purchased property for a winterquarters in Portland.
This was the start of Davis Amusement Company. Mannie and Melba expanded their route to encompass more of the Oregon festivals and fairs. At the end of their summer season, Mannie would work on the equipment and Melba would get winter work and do the booking for the show along with the help of Martha. Mannie and Melba had many independant attractions booked in with them over the years. In the 50,s, a cousin brought his elephant, Senita, on the road. Their oldest son, Michael was about 9 when he got the job of walking Senita through the midway as well as leading her while children rode atop the huge elephant. She would help herself to a candy apple right out of the floss wagon window as young Michael would walk her down the midway. There were other independantly owned attractions that were booked in with their show over the years. There was a wrestling side show, an aerial act, and a gorrilla show, along with Senita, just to name a few of the acts that traveled with Mannie and Melba.

Many of the fairs and festivals that Melba booked back in the 50's are still being played by the Davis Family. It is a testiment to the values that Melba and Mannie had regarding the industry when you realize that their show was invited back to a community for 50 years. Just to name a few dates that Melba and Mannie played for half a century, The Albany Timber Carnival, the Josephine County Fair in Grants Pass, the Rhododendron Festival in Florence, OR and the Newport Loyalty Days in Newport, OR.

Their two sons have continued in the industry. Michael Davis, along with his wife, Cathy, and their family, owns and operates Davis Amusement Cascadia. The carnival plays over 60 dates, including events in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, Nevada and Utah.

Davis Amusement Cascadia, Inc is now being operated by third and fourth generation Davis family, with the 5th generation coming on strong.
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