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Michael S. Davis
President, CEO and Operations Director of DAVIS AMUSEMENT CASCADIA. Raised in the amusement industry. Also owns and operates Big Bear Concessions. Has served on committees for the Carnival Guilds. Is a current member and was 2002 president of the Northwestern Showmen's Club (NWSC). Is a member of the Outdoor Amusement Business Association (OABA), the Showmen's League of America and the Carnival Guild. Michael was a member of the Hawaiian Showmen's Club. Michael is a 3rd generation owner and operator in the amusement industry
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Cathy Davis
Co-owner and treasurer of DAVIS AMUSEMENT CASCADIA; Booking agent since 1977; Office and management since 1970. Cathy is a past President of the Northwestern Showmen's Club (NWSC) and is a member of the Outdoor Amusement Business Association (OABA), S. L. A., the Showmen's League of America, the Carnival Guild, and a former member of the Hawaiian Showmen's Club.
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Michael J. Davis
General Manager, Director of Transportation and General Manager of the Platinum Division. Partner in DAVIS AMUSEMENT CASCADIA and owner of Superior West Amusements. Specializing in the field of marketing since 1990. NAARSO level 2 safety endorsement inspector certification, Supervisor of Personnel, employee training and equipment safety. Michael assists in location layouts and fleet management. He is a Member of Northwest Showmen's Club (NWSC), serving as 2005-2006 President of the Carnival Guild Association, and State of Washington licensed ride inspector, AIMS level maintenance and operations. Michael is a 4th generation owner and operator in the amusement industry.
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Celeste E. Davis
Executive Office Manager of the Platinum Division, Recording Secretary for the Northwestern Showmen's Club (NWSC) and coordinator of Event permits and licensing. Celeste and Michael J. have two school age children, Mikayla and Isaac.
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Jody M Davis
Actively working in food and ride operations. Assists in various office related duties.
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Paul R. Mefford II
Director of Ride Operations and Employee Safety with over 26 years of senior management experience in the face-paced amusement industry. Former owner and CEO of Carnival Entertainment, a California based traveling show. He has performed duties as a Sr. Ride Mechanic for Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Paul is also a former General Manager for Apex Parks Group, LLC., having operated permanent parks including Boomers El Cajon in California and Martins Fantasy Island in the Buffalo-Niagara region of Western New York. His expertise includes growth strategy, operations, project management, finance, communications, negotiation, business development and risk assessment. He is a NAARSO certified amusement ride inspector.
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Holly A Mefford II
has been involved with the operational and sales end of the amusement ride and events business for 20 years as co-owner of Carnival Entertainment and Party Rental World. Holly obtained her Bachelor’s of Liberal Arts degree from the United States International University. She brings us her knowledge and expertise in event sales, operations, marketing and general office management. Together with her husband, Paul, they have 3 children, whom have grown up around the excitement of the carnival.
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