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Rider Safety

  • READ all posted safety signage and ride safety rules
  • Observe age, height and weight restrictions on posted signage at each ride.
  • USE all safety equipment such as seat belts, lap bars and shoulder restraint systems where provided.
  • REMAIN SEATED until the ride comes to a complete stop.
  • Keep hands, arms and legs inside ride at all times.
  • Follow ride operators oral instructions
Have a Fun, Safe day at the fair!

Wear lots sunscreen!

Drink plenty of water!

Bring a Hat, Sunglasses and a lite jacket or sweatshirt.

Obey ride rules

Bring your cell phone, spare cash and a spare key to your vehicle.

Do not use your phone/ camera while on a ride.

Have a pre-arranged meeting place at the event should your family or group become separated.

Make sure your children know your home address and phone number. If they become separated from you, they can give to the police.

Have current photos of your children in your wallet or on your phone. Remember what your children are wearing and have them remember what you are wearing so you/they can give an accurate description.

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