best couples quiz

Best couples quiz to discover how well you know your better half

A powerful bond requires two souls, head over heels in love, ready to renounce anything for the sake of each other. They make a great team. They got each other’s back, balancing out life fabulously. While acknowledging their similarities, they never shy away from respecting other’s variations. To create understanding and friendship between partners, they need to be aware of the dreams, differences, desires, wishes, beliefs, anxieties, and goals of their better half.

The best couples quiz helps a pair get to know their partner better and determine areas of relationship they need to work. It makes them immensely proud of how deeply they have understood each other.

Starting from the basic, ‘What is their favorite color?’, ‘What is their star sign?’ ‘What is their favorite meal of the day?’ to ‘What are their fears?’ ‘Where they hope to see themselves in 10 years?’, you may think that you know it all. But as you move down the questions by rushing through their life, you might be flabbergasted to realize that you missed out on a few small and profound things. It is time to rethink your life and travel down the memory lane.

Take time to understand

The foremost aspect of understanding is not to see them as your partner alone, but to see them as a human capable of thinking and acting differently. And if you hope for your relationship to last a lifetime, accept them for who they are with their flaws. Even if you consider yourself better in all the life aspects, never force your opinions and beliefs on them. The more you appreciate it, the stronger your relationship becomes.

Give them the space they need

Just because you are a couple, the entire universe does not revolve around you or them either. Never pressure on your best half to put your relationship first. It includes letting them have a party or enjoy an outing when you are not nearby and feel happy about it. Let your partner go to their friend’s house for a game night, watch a movie at the theatre alone, or spend time with their parents. It may become time for them to realize your absence and lose you.

Nobody is right always

Always try to be patient while listening to what your partner has to say. Nobody can think and act right all the time. During an argument, trying to prove that your point of view is right and not accepting their opinion will never resolve the conflict. It can damage your relationship to such an extent that you may unknowingly scar him for life. Remember, the fight is not about world peace. It is about deciding where to spend this year’s thanksgiving, his or yours.

Understanding your best partner better than they do helps you to travel comfortably on a rocky road. A loving heart is the source of all wisdom.