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Key Employees

Joshua Dowis -- Employee Training, Maintenance, CDL Truck Driver

Joshua grew up on the Davis carnival midway. He spent his childhood shadowing his father, Jim, and gaining knowledge beyond his years. Upon turning 18 Joshua moved and maintained tow of the company's largest and most spectacular rides. Now a truck driver and supervisor responsible for ride staff training as well as some aspects of maintenance, Joshua is an invaluable employee. He specialized in ride set up/tear down training, emergency evacuations, and general ride operation. He spend his free time pursuing his interests in mechanics.
Erasto Aguilare -- H2B Visa Team Leader

Erasto joined Davis Amusement Cascadia, Inc. in 2018 as an initial member of the company's first experience with the Federal H2B Visa program. Erasto is from Tlapacoyan Veracruz Mexico and returns to the states each year to support himself and his family. In the years that he has worked with the Davis team, Erasto has developed into a representative for his Visa co-workers and acts as a liaison to the company office on their behalf. In the off season Erasto works on his family ranch in Tlapacoyan and aspires to own an trucking company there.
Blake Blash -- Certified Welder, maintenance, CDL truck driver

Blake joined the Davis team in January 2018. Blake is a professionally trained certified welder, commercial truck driver, and all-around employee in the maintenance department. Hailing from three generations of California based show-business family, Blake come to Davis Amusement Cascadia, Inc. with a lifetime of midway experience. In the off-season Blake spends time with his family in Southern California and enjoys skiing.
Chris Davison -- Game Concession Supervisor

Chris joined the company team in 2006. Beginning as a ride operator and then foreman his first several years, Chris was promoted to Concession Manager in 2010. Chris directs weekly load in an load out of the game concession midway, manages inventory, and participates as a company driver. Chris has proven himself to be a versatile employee, completing employee training, maintaining equipment and excelling in customer service. In the off-season Chris enjoys the beauty of his hometown, Clataskanie, OR.
Serina Sunday -- Translator

Serena joined Davis Amusement Cascadia, Inc in 2018 as a full time interpreter. Serena shows many leadership qualities and serves as an intermediary between the English speaking management and the Spanish speaking Visa employees along with being the head of stand in the Cotton Candy concession.
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