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Safety Policies & Procedures

Ride Safety Tips for Customers

We want to ensure your carnival experience is a great one, and we have a couple of tips to help keep everyone safe while they are enjoying their time at the fair.

- Always read all signs posted on rides, games, and attractions.

- Measure all riders before getting on the ride, height requirements are set by ride manufactures and must be adhered to in order to ensure a safe riding experience. Ride specific height requirements can be found in the attractions section or under the height requirements tab in the safety section.

- Do not climb on rides, games, or other attractions.

- Listen to all employees, it is part of their job to keep you safe.

-Keep hands, feet, and arms inside the ride at all times.

- Use all provided safety equipment including, but not limited to, seat belts, lap bars, and shoulder restraints.

-Remain seated at all times while the ride or attraction is in motion.

Safety is our primary concern at Davis Amusement Cascadia. Our ride safety program follows ASTM F770 standard practice for ownership, operation, maintenance, and inspection of amusement rides and devices.These are the industry standards that help keep our attractions as safe as possible for our guests and employees. Rides at Davis Amusemet are safety inspected daily by operators and weekly by state licensed ride inspectors. All rides receive annual safety stickers from each state the ride is operated in. Davis Amusement Cascadia has a comprehensive Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) in place to ensure employee training and safety. All applicable OSHA Labor Laws, regulations, codes and standards are strictly adhered to for the safety of our employees and patrons. In addition all Davis Amusement Cascadia managers are trained in CPR and AED use and we carry an assortment of first aid supplies including an AED in our office.

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